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Coastal Carolina Off-Road Series (CCORS) is a Cross-Country Mountain Bike Race Series that runs from January through May of each year. CCORS race venues consist of 6 unique trail systems throughout Eastern North Carolina and South Carolina. 

CCORS offers a full menu of race classes catered to suit ALL types of competitive off-road cyclists, no matter your fitness/experience level, age or gender. From First Timers to Professionals. CCORS even offers race options for Kids (12 and under) and Youth (17 and under).
See Race Category and Class options for more details.

CCORS is a volunteer-run partnership of three (3) regional Cycling Clubs. All money raised from race entry fees goes directly back to the host club of each race venue. This model provisions each Host Club with the financial means to continue maintaining and improving their local trail systems and furthermore, enriching their respective cycling communities. 

CCORS objectives are simple:

  • Make quality mountain bike racing available to riders in Eastern North/South Carolina
  • Enrich and promote locally managed trail systems and cycling communities within our region
  • Provide exposure for bike-friendly businesses throughout the region.

CCORS found its genesis in a small localized race series  based in Jacksonville, NC in 1999. In the years following, it has exploded  into a regional phenomenon  growing in parallel w/ Coastal Carolina’s ever-expanding Off -Road Cycling Community. Race venues now range from as far north as Greenville, NC to as far south as Myrtle Beach, SC and all points in-between

CCORS is managed by Cape Fear SORBA of Wilmington, NC.

CCORS Host Clubs are:

Cape Fear SORBA
Wilmington, NC
East Carolina Velo
Greenville, NC
Down East Cyclists
Jacksonville, NC

Series Schedule

Click here for this year’s full race schedule

Registration Opens @ 11
*Youth and Kids race starts @ 12 noon
*All other races start @ 1:30 pm

*New for 2018


Race Class Options


  • CAT 1 18-39 & Cat 1 40+ were merged into   CAT 1 OPEN
  • CAT 1 OPEN Distance changed from ~24 miles to ~18 Miles
  • CAT  2 18-34 was changed to CAT 2 18-39
  • CAT 2 35+ was changed to CAT 2 40-49
  • CAT 2 50+ is new starting in 2017
  • CAT 1, CAT 2, CAT 3 Entry Fees are now $30
  • Youth and First Timers Entry Fees are now $15
Class Approx Mileage Entry Fee
CAT 1 (OPEN) ~18 Miles $30
CAT 2 (18-39) | CAT 2 (40-49) | CAT 2 (50+) ~18 Miles $30
CAT 3 (18-29) | CAT 3 (30-39) | CAT 3 (40-49) | CAT 3 (50+) |
CAT 3 Women (OPEN)
~12 Miles $30
*YOUTH (13 & Under) | *YOUTH (14-17) ~6 Miles $15
First Timer’s Men (OPEN) | First Timer’s Women (OPEN) ~6 Miles $15
Kids (12 and under) ~1 Mile !! Free !!

*NEW FOR 2018
“OPEN” indicates an open age class, i.e. no age restrictions 
~ Mileage is approximated can vary between race venues  

General Series Information

  • Cash awards for CAT 1 OPEN Individual Races and Overall Series championship
  • Gift Certificate awards for CAT 2, CAT 3 & Youth Individual Races and Overall Series championship
  • The number of prizes for each class will be determined by the following Payout Schedule:
    • < 3 riders: 1 award
    • 3-4 riders: 2 awards
    • 5-15: 3 awards
    • > 15 riders: 4 awards
  • Top three (3) First Timers Men and First Timers Women podium finishers get Medals.
    • A 1st place finish in First Timer category results in automatic upgrade for next race to at least CAT 3 category. See CCORS Mandatory Upgrade Policy
    • Maximum of  3 awards for each First Timers Class per race
  • No racing license required.
  • Keep up to date with news at our CCORS Facebook page
  • New race Schedule is announced in late November/early December


Race Registration opens @ 11 am the day of the race, at the race venue

  • See Race Class Options for full race entry fee schedule
  • Cash or check made to host club only please
    • Small bills or exact change appreciated

Youth and Kids race starts @ 12 noon

All other races start @ 1:30 pm

Click here to see the full race schedule, including  race venue info and driving directions

Prizes & Payouts

  • Only CAT 1 OPEN  will payout CASH to qualifying finishers , see Payout Schedule below
  • CAT 2, CAT 3 and YOUTH qualifiers will be awarded  GIFT CERTIFICATES, see Payout Schedule below
    • Gift certificates can be redeemed at any participating bicycle shops or retail vendors.
    • Participating vendors will be listed on the gift certificates at the time they are issued.
    • Gift Certificates expire on June 30th of the year they were issued. That means they must be redeemed at a participating vendor BEFORE July 1st. Expired Gift Certificates will not be honored.
  • First Timer’s Men, First Timer’s Woman and Kids receive MEDALS
    • There is NO Overall Series competition for Kids and First Timers Men and First Timers Women Classes
    • Maximum of  3 awards for each First Timers Class per race
  • Payout Schedule:
    The number of prizes for each CAT 1, CAT 2, CAT 3 & YOUTH class will be determined by the following Payout Schedule:

    • < 3 riders: 1 award
    • 3-4 riders: 2 awards
    • 5-15 riders: 3 awards
    • > 15 riders: 4 awards
Individual Race Awards Method 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
CAT 1 $$ $75 $50 $40 $30
CAT 2  GC $40 $35 $30 $20
CAT 3  GC $30 $27 $25 $15
YOUTH GC $15 $12 $10 $5
First Timer & Kids  MEDALS

$$= CASH | GC=Gift Certificate

Overall Series Awards Method 1st 2nd 3rd
CAT 1  $$ $200 $150 $100
CAT 2 GC $150 $125 $100
CAT 3 GC $125 $100 $75
YOUTH GC $75 $50 $30
First Timer & Kids   N/A

$$= Cash | GC=Gift Certificate

Mandatory Upgrade Policy

CCORS enforces a results-based Mandatory Upgrade Policy (MUP) that applies to some but not all race Categories and Classes.

The CCORS Mandatory Upgrade policy, or MUP, is not unilateral and may vary between categories. The goal of implementing a MUP is to encourage fair competition amongst all competitors. An “upgrade”, simply put, is when a racer transitions from one CAT/Class to a more challenging CAT/Class.

If a racer meets MUP criteria, their upgrade will be enacted at the beginning of the following CCORS Race Season (next year) and will be enforced the entire duration of that season.

There are special circumstances that nullify a mandatory upgrade instance. CCORS reserves discretionary rights to overrule, amend or redact any existing upgrade policy stipulation if and when the situation calls for such an action.

There may be circumstances where a mandatory upgrade is not in the best interest of a rider. Please contact us if you would like to be considered for an exemption to an impending mandatory upgrade.

First Timers, All Classes

  • First Timers Men and First Timers Women MUP criteria:
    • A single 1st place finish in any First Timer category race results in a mandatory upgrade to CAT 3 or higher for the remainder of the season.

CAT 3, All Classes*

  • CAT 3 MUP Criteria
    • Racer won the overall Series Championship in a CAT 3 Class
    • Racer placed 1st in THREE (3) (or more) CAT 3 races MUST upgrade the following year
  • Examples of a CAT 3 upgrade
    • Moving to a category that races a longer distance
      •  i.e. CAT 3 40-49 move to CAT 2 40-49
    • Moving to a younger CAT 3 Class
      • i.e. CAT 3 40-49 move to CAT 3 30-39
  • *Exemptions and exceptions:
    • CAT 3 Classes exempt from mandatory upgrade are
      • CAT 3 50+
      • CAT 3 Women OPEN
    • If a racer is aged 50 or above they are exempt from the CAT 3 Mandatory Policy
    • If a racer competed in CAT 2 the previous year as a result of a mandatory upgrade from CAT 3 and did not podium for any individual race in CAT 2, you are allowed to downgrade back to CAT 3 the following year.

CAT 2, All Classes

  • CAT 3 Mandatory Upgrade Policy DOES NOT apply to Cat 2
  • Beginning in 2017 CAT 2 racers who won 3 or more races or the series championship in a CAT 2 Class will NOT be required to Upgrade to Cat 1, This overrides any previous CAT 2 upgrade policies*
  • Upgrade from CAT 2 to CAT 1 is left to the discretion of the racer and in special cases, CCORS Race Organization.
  • Retroactive; racers who would have been required to upgrade from CAT 2 to CAT 1 based on 2016 results will NO LONGER BE REQUIRED TO DO SO.  This also applies to racers who were required to upgrade from CAT 2 to CAT 1 in years past.

*CAT 2 Upgrade policy is subject to the discretion of CCORS Race Organization. Race Organizers reserve the right to require a race participant to upgrade from any given CAT 2 Class to a more challenging/competitive class.

 The following  are NOT subject to MUPs:

  • CAT 1
  • Youth
  • Racer Age 50+
  • Cat 3 Women

Points System

1st 30 27 24   9th 14 11 8
2nd 28 25 22   10th 12 9 6
3rd 26 23 20   11th 10 7 4
4th 24 21 18   12th 8 5 2
5th 22 19 16   13th 6 3 1
6th 20 17 14   14th 4 1 0
7th 18 15 12   15th 2 0 0
8th 16 13 10   16th 1 0 0

Bonus points

  • Riders Starting in 6 series races will earn 2 bonus points.
  • Riders Starting in 7 series races will earn 4 bonus points (2 for race 6+2 For Race 7=4 total Bonus points).
  • Bonus points will apply to final point tallies for determining the overall series podiums and prizes.

Series podiums

    In order to place on the series podium, a rider must start at least 5 races in a given category (you do not need to finish 5 races, i.e. you can DNF and still place, although this is unlikely).
  • Best 5 finishes (plus any bonus points) are used to calculate overall series points.
  • Overall ties will be resolved based on next best place in 6th race, and then (as necessary) by head-to-head race placing.
  • Any class that does not have at least 3 riders competing in at least 5 races may be determined ineligible for overall series prizes.

Team Competition

Team 'EC Velo Plus', 2016 CCORS Team competition Champions
Team ‘EC Velo Plus’, 2016 CCORS Team Competition Champions
  • Any 5-8 riders can make up a team.
  • Each rider can be a member of only one team.
  • Teams must be declared before the start of the third race of the season.
  • The top 5 riders from each team will “place” at each race.
  • Team with the most points at the end of the season will win the overall team award.
  • The winning team will receive the team trophy for the year along with all requisite bragging rights.


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