Are you ready for CCORS 2014? I hope so because it is here! Race #1 goes off Sunday 1/26 with the Kids race at 12:00 noon and all other races at 1:00 pm. Here is the weather forecast:


Sunny. 0% chance of any precipitation. Very little wind. Temperature: 50 degrees.


ECVELO always sets up an excellent course to race on. What more can you ask for? Get off the couch and come race with us. You can watch the Super Bowl next Sunday.


New for 2014 will be an S turn at the scoring tent. Be sure to try it out BEFORE the race. This new twist is to help the scorers see each rider’s number so everyone can get scored correctly! We will demonstrate what to do during the rider’s meeting prior to the race. Pretty simple, if you are continuing for more laps just keep going down the trail. If you have finished your race you will need to take a right after the second scoring tent into a finishing corral. Here you will be met by a scoring volunteer. Your finish will be official and you will find out where you placed in your class. No more waiting around to find out your finishing position! We will be posting the finishing order for classes as soon as all riders have finished the race. Our goal is to have the podiums soon after the last Expert rider has finished and get everyone home as early as possible.