Hello disciples of dirt, its time for yet another Pre-Race Update! Its nearly time for CCORS race #6, a return to Jacksonville, NC to race at Henderson Pond for a 2nd time this season! Looks like we will have warm beautiful weather for our return to Camp Lejeune, a slight change from race #4. But first lets re-visit race #5 briefly. As always this is all brought to you by Sean Skutnik and Coldwell Banker and all of our other tremendous sponsors. Support those who support local bike racing!

Thanks to everyone who came out for Race #5, it was another awesome day! Now, lets get on to the details of race #6!

Race #6 at Henderson Pond

  • As is always the case, registration opens at 11am, kids race at noon, and adults begin racing at 1pm.
  • First of all, as it was for race #4, please give yourself extra time to get on base if you did not send your info in ahead of time to have a pass waiting for you. Sometimes it can take as much as an hour to get thru the gate to the race location. If you sent your information ahead in advance, head to the main gate to pick up your pass.
  • If you sent your info ahead you need an ID to claim your pass to enter the base. If you are getting your pass day of, you need your ID, your vehicle registration, and your insurance information. If you have passengers above 18, they also need an ID. Usually its not to bad, but make sure you double check you have your info ready.
  • This race is presented by the great Down East Cyclists, another of our awesome partner organizations. Each race is hosted by one of our local cycling groups who puts in volunteer time and energy to maintain the trails. Join your local cycling group, support those who support your trails!
  • Remember, if you have raced with us this season, that you need to bring your race number back to race again! We reuse those race numbers and you keep the same number all season long. If you lost or forgot your race number its a $5 to replace it. If you are switching to a different class bring it anyway, we can swap it if need be at no charge. But above all else, bring your race number!
  • Remember that at registration we only accept cash or checks (this time made out to Down East Cyclists). If you can, bring us $5 bills. We almost always run low, and if you can hook us up with more $5 bills that will make everything else run smoothly and faster!
  • Only 2 more races, including this Sunday, remain to get your entries for the Industry 9 “Trail S” wheelset! Each race you enter gets you one free entry into the raffle and you can buy additional tickets for $5 each. All funds raised support THIS series and our operating costs. We want to send as much money to the mountain bike clubs as possible here folks.
  • And remember, show up early this weekend folks! The more time you have to get thru the gate the better, just in case.

Ok thats all we got this time around, see you on Sunday!