As I write this, the temps are cold and they are calling for *gasp* a small chance of winter weather tomorrow! Luckily for us, tomorrow isn’t race day for CCORS #2. It is certainly a stark contrast to what the weather we had for CCORS #1 at Brown’s Creek. We are still stunned and honored that we had such an amazing turnout. With 120 racing adults and youth it was one of our best showings EVER. It would not have been possible without all of our tremendous SPONSORS, the great volunteers, and of course all of you who showed up to race and scream! We had a couple of sprint finishes, including in the kids race! Brown’s Creek has set the bar high for the rest of the season, and we intend to keep it there. So now, onto a couple of house keeping notes.

  • You can find Results for CCORS #1 HERE
  • Pictures from CCORS #1 are available HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE
  • Kids Race Video is HERE featuring a sprint finish for the win!
  • CCORS received some local press from Bladen Online via an awesome article. You can see it HERE.

Now then, moving on to race #2 at the Bicycle Post trail hosted by EC Velo!

  • Race #2 takes place on Feb 21st at the Bicycle Post trail located just outside of Greenville, NC. Trail info can be found on the EC Velo website HERE.
  • Race will consist of the following loops: Swamp Loop, Creek Loop, and BC Loop. The direction the race will take has yet to be determined.
  • As with all of our races, registration opens at 11am, kids race at noon, pre-race meeting at 12:45, and adults race at 1pm. Please give yourself enough travel time to reach the trail and get registered, for many of us this is one of the longer trips of the season.
  • If you raced at CCORS #1 then make sure you BRING YOUR RACE NUMBER to race #2! You will be reusing the same number throughout the season! If you are changing classes from race #1, still bring your race number. You will exchange it for a different one at registration. If you forget your race number there is a $5 charge for a new number, no exceptions.
  • Remember that for every race you enter, you get free entry into the Industry 9 “Trail S” wheelset giveaway! You can also purchase additional tickets for $5 each! We know you want them, so go get them!
  • Also, remember that we only accept cash or check at registration. Sadly we are simply not high tech enough to accept credit cards at this time. Oh and if you bring lots of $5 bills, we would love you forever and ever and ever. And ever.

Thats it for now, there will be a final update prior to the race next Thursday. Thanks for reading!