The Dirt Diary,

by Brandon Davis of Wattage Cottage Coaching

This is the first installment of many that is aimed at making you, the rider-reader-lover of dirt, more enlightened or at the very least have something to read over your morning coffee. Some of you are reading this while glancing over your shoulder in your cubicle to make sure your boss thinks your working….and others are leisurely surfing the internet like a kindergartner in a toy store. Regardless of your situation you are at the heart a mountain biker and at some point in your day find yourself either physically or mentally on the trail or searching for that next shiny object to bolt on to your two wheeled friend all in the name of fun!

FUN…that is what this post is about. I think it is something that becomes overlooked the more and more we move up the ranks or push the limits of physical prowess in the search of that elusive goal. In contrast thought that goal is what gets us out of bed as well as keeps some of us up at night from time to time. Now goals vary and I by no means am limiting them to mere racing nor am I saying that they are more a problem than a solution. Goals can vary from as simple as riding a lap at your local trail without stopping, or cleaning that rock garden that has taken you out repeatedly possibly even causing you to find a new shiny object called a rear derailleur. In either case every one riding has a goal when they ultimately think of it.

SO….what is your goal? Write it down and post it somewhere you will see it to be reminded of it on a regular basis. The funny thing with this practice is that over a short period of time you start envisioning how that post-it note goal will play out and you manifest it in your head….which leads more often than not to accomplishing it! Yes manifest destiny is real! Elite athletes of many sports from golf to motocross visualize the win or the shot or the jump before ever even doing it. This brings about the word FUN. In all the goal chasing and tracking don’t lose sight of it. Enjoy the process be it training or just learning a new skill. Don’t get to a point where it’s all consuming and those around you don’t even want to be around you. Don’t be just a cyclist…don’t be just a co-worker…the list goes on. Be well rounded, be fun, be adventurous!

With all that said I’m not saying that if your goal is to win the CAT 2 overall CCORS title that you don’t need to work through some tough training days. BUT enjoy the process, envision that goal, and listen to your mind and body. Occasionally insert a “Garmin Free Day” and just go riding, I do this every 2-3weeks just to remind myself as to the “why” I ride. There isn’t one of us reading this that started riding bicycles because we needed more work on our plate. We ride because it’s fun, because it’s a stress reliever, because we love the sport and the community it fosters.