Hello again my fellow dirt enthusiasts! Welcome to another edition of the CCORS Pre-Race Update! Brought to you by Sean Skutnik and Coldwell Banker (as well as our other tremendous sponsors!) Remember, support those who support your local mountain bike scene!

Now then, first a little bit of house keeping from race #3! We had a tremendous turnout with 117 racers, amazing weather, and great people. This season has been a joy so far, so lets keep the momentum rolling! For those of you who havn’t seen all the media coming out of race #3, its all right here!

Now on to the current topic of discussion, race #4 at Henderson Pond!

  • We have been mentioning it every day but it bears repeating for those of you who may have missed it already. We recommend you show up earlier than you would for the other races for this one. The race is located on Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC and it takes time to clear security at the gate. Please make sure you have drivers license, insurance information, and vehicle registration WITH YOU to get through security. Provide yourselves an extra hour to get through the gate, it will likely take less time but it has taken that long in past years.
  • For those curious about the course, here is a Garmin upload of the expected race course via our host club for the weekend, the Down East Cyclists! Word round the campfire is the trail is in the best shape its ever been in. We are in for a fast fun course on Sunday. Check it out!
  • In addition you can find up to date train information on the DEC site. So you don’t have to go looking for it we have taken the time to just link you right to it. Linkage Here!
  • As is the usual with all CCORS races, registration opens at 11am, kids race at noon, and adults race at 1pm.
  • Do your best to bring exact change or checks folks! We don’t accept credit cards for registration. We would love you if you pay in nothing but $5 bills!
  • We are still giving you entries to win the Industry 9 “Trail S” Wheelset at each and every race you enter. You can buy additional entries for $5 each too!
  • And speaking of buying. DEC has also arranged for food on site for the race this Sunday! How cool is that? Bring extra cash if you want some extra eats on race day. As you can imagine getting a bite on the base otherwise might be slightly complicated!
  • Lastly, we are monitoring the weather for race day. Right now there is a chance of rain but nothing dangerous. As has been stated before, all races are rain or shine unless conditions are deemed dangerous. We will let you know if anything changes, but we have every intention of having an awesome race on Sunday!

Thats it folks! Its time to get your gear ready, because its going to be race day on Sunday at Henderson Pond! Lets go play bikes!