Don’t forget Race #3 is on the Camp Lejeune Military Base in Jacksonville so there are a few things you MUST do in order to race (they will have an 18 year old private stationed at the guard house with an M16 to insure you do). So…read below and make sure you remember your ID, registration and insurance information!

Visitor’s Pass

Since the race is being held on base, every visiting vehicle will need to be checked-in at the Visitor’s Center and their drivers will have to acquire a visitor’s pass. The check-in procedure is really simple and easy but due to the volume of traffic the Visitor’s Center is bound to see on race day, we recommend arriving at least 30min earlier than normal.

To get to the Visitor’s Center:

  • Take Hwy 24 till you reach the Holcomb Blvd exit and follow it south toward the Camp Lejeune Main Gate
  • Following south on Holcomb Blvd , turn right into the Visitors center Parking lot (you will not pass through the Main Gate yet). The visitors Center is located adjacent to the Main Gate, on the right as you’re facing the gate

Once you’re at the Visitor’s Center:

  • Only the driver of the vehicle needs to go into the visitors center to obtain the pass. All adults passengers, 18 and over must have a valid ID and be prepared to present it to the visitors center personnel if asked.. ( All adult persons should carry a valid ID card of some kind, you may be asked to show ID at the gate).
  • The vehicle driver needs to bring the following into the visitors center:
        1. Drivers License
        2. Vehicle Registration
        3. Proof of Insurance. (The insurance ID# on your vehicle registration does not count, your proof MUST show a valid expiration date).
  • Tell the persons there you are here for the Mountain Bike Race and you destination is Henderson Pond Rec Area

Once you have your Visitors pass:

  • Place your pass on the dash, exit the visitors parking lot and enter through the Main Gate. Be prepared to stop show your pass to the gate guards
  • Drive through Main Gate heading south
  • Pass through two traffic light intersections and begin looking for a bright neon sign on your left
  • Just past the neon sign, turn left on the street leading to the 2nd Med PMU area
  • Registration will be at the end of the street

Don’t Forget

  • Arrive at least 30 min earlier than you would to a normal CCORS event.
  • Driver’s License
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Proof of auto insurance