Hello again lovers of all things bicycle and dirt. Its that time again for another pre-race update! First lets chat quickly about race #2 shall we?

CCORS Race #2 had a tremendous turnout, another 100+ racer day. Thanks to the racers, our volunteers, and our awesome Sponsors for making it another tremendous day. We had great weather and a great course. ECVelo had Bicycle Post dialed! Really quickly here are some links you might want.

If you happen to have any video or photo’s we don’t already have links to please let us know by sharing them on our CCORS Facebook Page!

Now onward to race 3# info!

  • Race #3 takes place at the Carolina Forest Bike and Run Park (aka The HULK) this Sunday March 6th. Address to the trailhead is: Frontage Road B-2, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579. As always please give yourself enough time to get to the trail from your respective home. For many of us this is another long travel day. Please plan accordingly. Registration open at 11am, kids race at noon, and adults/youth start racing at 1pm.
  • All of our races would not be possible without our sponsors, like Sean Skutnik and Coldwell Banker. Also don’t forget your local bike shops, and really all of our tremendous sponsors. Go check’em out at our SPONSORS PAGE. Support those who support bike racing folks!
  • As with all races, if you have previously raced this season and have your race number you are using it again! Please make sure you have it with you. If you lose it and need to replace it there is a $5 fee to do so EACH time you have to have it replaced. Racing a new cat (going from Cat 3 to 2?) still bring it. We will exchange your number for a new one at no cost.
  • Just a friendly reminder, cash or check only at registration. We are low tech and can’t do credit cards.
  • Remember that you race and you get a FREE entry to win the Industry 9 “Trail S” Wheelset! We have given away over 200 entries so far and expect to give away several hundred more. And if you want more entires you can buy them for $5 each. You don’t have to be a racer to buy these tickets, they are great wheels for anyone to have!
  • This race is a Cape Fear SORBA event. If you havn’t already noticed, this series is a club based setup. Each club works very hard not just to put on the races but to maintain the trails we all use each and every day. So if you havn’t already make sure you join your local organization. They all do amazing work to make sure we have places to ride our bikes.

Thats it for this edition of the pre-race update. I hope you are ready, because its time to go face the HULK on Sunday!