2015 CCORS Changes & Updates

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Category Name and Age Changes:

The biggest change you will see for CCORS 2015 is a new naming scheme for the different class levels. In past years we had Expert, Sport, and Beginner levels. For 2015 we are changing to a more conventional Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3 (Cat is short for Category) naming convention.

  • Category Name Changes for 2015:
Old cat name New cat name Laps
Expert Cat 1 *4
Sport Cat 2 *3
Beginner Cat 3 *2
*Some courses may vary in overall lap count, distance should remain approx. the same


Changes for Cat 2 Age Groups

We have made some tweaks to the age limit for the Cat 2 age class. The previous minimum age for Cat 2 plus was 40. We have lowered it to 35 to try to balance out the number of riders in the Cat 2 classes. And regretfully the dwindling number of single speed racers has led to the elimination of the single speed class.

  • Cat 2 40+ changed to 35+,
  • Single Speed class is eliminated


Changes for Cat 3 Age Groups

We have added an additional Cat 3 age class. Previously there were three Cat 3 classes. Now we have added a fourth and changed the minimum age limits around to better balance the classes.

  • Cat 3 18-29
  • Cat 3 30-39 Cat 3 40+
  • Masters 50+ (Cat 3 50+)


Mandatory Category Upgrade
Another important change is in the mandatory upgrade criteria. We have upped the number of wins to 3 (from 2) for a mandatory upgrade.

  • Mandatory Upgrades – 3 Wins (Formally 2)



Each racer will be issued ONE race plate at the first race they attend, regardless of which race it is in the series. CCORS is essentially a fundraiser for each event’s Host Club and race plates are expensive. In an effort to put as much money back into our local Cycling Clubs and MTB trails as possible; this year there will be a $5.00 non-refundable replacement charge for lost or forgotten race plates.

As Always….HAVE FUN!!!

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