Race #6 This Sunday at the Bike Post in Greenville!

Here are the race distances and lap info for CCORS #6, May 3rd at the Bicycle Post Trail in Greenville:
– We will be racing most of the Bicycle Post Trail mileage for this race!!  This means laps that are approximately 9 miles long.
– The longer laps will mean different lap counts and some different distances for the classes:
    Cat 1 – 3 laps, ~27 miles
    Cat 2 – 2 laps, ~18 miles
    Cat 3 – partial lap + 1 lap, ~12 miles First Timers and Youth – 1 lap, ~9 miles
** Please note the significant increase for First Timers and Youth **
This longer lap allows us to use what many consider some of our best trails, so please join us for what should be a super day for a race!!