We have completed the survey on starting times. Here are the results for the different possible starting times for our main race (kids race will be 1 hour earlier):

  • 26% want 2 pm
  • 26% want 12 pm
  • 22% want 10 am
  • 14% want 11 am
  • 11% want 1 pm

Based on these results it seems clear the majority of racers (73%) want to start earlier than our traditional 2:00 pm starting time, however there is no consensus on a new starting time.

CCORS is a local series for local riders and we want to be as inclusive and accommodating as possible. The riders have spoken so we are going to accommodate them with a slight change and try a 1pm start time (kids race at 12 noon) for all races in 2014. We can reassess the starting time at the end of the year with another survey to see if this change was good enough or if we should start even earlier (or go back to a 2pm starting time). We are also going to strive to have a much faster podium turnaround which will also help get people home faster, which is the overall desire.

CCORS 2014 is almost here!!!

Barry Wray
Cape Fear SORBA – CCORS Director